Unveiling the TINEWA Gateway for Smarter Living

Unveiling the TINEWA Gateway for Smarter Living

In the dynamic realm of smart living, TINEWA proudly introduces the TINEWA Gateway – a sophisticated gateway solution designed to redefine the way you experience security and convenience at home. Explore the comprehensive features that make this gateway an indispensable companion in the evolution of your smart home.

Introducing the Tinewa Gateway: A Gateway to Unparalleled Smart Security

At its core, the Tinewa Gateway acts as the pivotal link between your smart door locks and the Tinewa App. With broad compatibility, this WiFi-enabled gateway seamlessly integrates with a variety of smart locks powered by these apps, creating a unified ecosystem for effortless remote control and management.

Unlocking Freedom: How It Works

Experience the freedom of wide compatibility as the Tinewa Gateway effortlessly connects with Smart Lock and all door locks powered by the Tinewa App (please note it does not support 5G WiFi). Bid farewell to the constraints of Bluetooth unlocking distance, enabling you to take charge of your smart locks remotely through the intuitive Tinewa Lock App.

Optimal Connectivity and Range

To ensure optimal performance, maintain a distance of no more than 32 feet (10 meters) between the Gateway and your smart door lock. This distance optimization guarantees consistent connectivity, establishing a reliable link between your smart devices. During the setup process, establish a shared Wi-Fi network for your smartphone and the Gateway for a seamless experience.

Versatility Unleashed: A Multifunctional Smart Hub

The Tinewa Gateway transcends beyond mere unlocking capabilities. Embrace a plethora of functionalities – share, modify, and delete E-keys effortlessly. Keep tabs on your door's status, monitor battery life, and scrutinize unlock activity logs at your convenience, all through a singular interface.

Committed Support: Always Ready to Assist

Rest assured, the Tinewa Smart Team remains dedicated to your satisfaction. Enjoy a 30-day free return guarantee, a 1-year product warranty, and a lifetime of customer support from the date of purchase. Whether you encounter challenges during installation or need assistance down the line, our committed support team is just a message away.

Step into a new era of smart living with the Tinewa Gateway, where security, convenience, and innovation converge to create an unparalleled smart home experience. Elevate your home security, one intelligent connection at a time.

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